MEET US AT G2E 2023 Las Vegas

MEET US AT G2E 2023 Las Vegas

Meet with andMARKETING at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2023 in Las Vegas

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andMARKETING is an integral part of our growth and success — resulting in brand awareness and increased sales.”

Kiran Brahmandam

CEO and Founder of Gaming Analytics

andMARKETING has become an invaluable asset to our sales team at Gaming Analytics.”

John McColl

VP Of Sales at Gaming Analytics

Spotlight: Philip Beere, MBA

Philip Beere, known for his strategic insights at Sightline and now serving as the Head of Marketing for Gaming Analytics, will be at G2E 2023 wearing three hats:

1. Head of Marketing for Gaming Analytics: Delve into the future of casino A.I. and groundbreaking gaming technologies.

2. Member of the Press: Documenting riveting tales, highlighting the luminaries of the event and pioneering organizations.

3. Spokesperson for andMARKETING: Learn how andMARKETING can reshape your company narrative and outreach.

Location: Engage with Philip at Gaming Analytics – Booth 1416.


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