Destigmatizing Problem Gambling Disorder → Las Vegas Attorney Dayvid Figler

Las Vegas Attorney Dayvid Figler

In this episode of The Stories Behind the Bet, Las Vegas attorney Dayvid Figler discusses the history behind Nevada’s problem gambling diversion court. Whereas prison serves to punish convicted individuals, the diversion court rehabilitates them and works to treat their addiction.

Since passing the bar exam in 1991 at the age of 23, attorney Dayvid Figler has contributed to a number of high-profile cases in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The award-winning storyteller has now been practicing law for 28 years, and was instrumental in the creation of Nevada’s problem gambling diversion court, a system that holds problem gamblers accountable for their actions without sending them to prison. 

Figler received the 2019 Medal of Justice for his considerable contributions to the Nevada justice system; beyond his involvement with the creation of the gambling diversion court, he also worked to expose District Attorney Office witness payments and actively advocates for homeless people throughout the city. He served as the President of the Historic John S. Park Neighborhood and is a regular contributor to programming at the Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  

Figler currently writes for the Nevada Independent, covering topics including the death penalty and criminal justice reform in Nevada, the freedom of the press (release), and compensation for those wrongfully convicted of crimes.


In this episode, the following topics are discussed:

0:14 – Dayvid Figler’s contributions to Nevada law

2:10 – Nevada’s decision to pass gambling diversion court legislation in 2009

3:07 – The first case to ever implement the gambling diversion court law, and the establishment of the court

4:21 – The parameters of eligibility for diversion (first case, violent vs. nonviolent crimes, current cases that could qualify)

8:46 – Support for social responsibility in the gaming industry

10:19 – Practical aspects of the diversion court

11:19 – The country’s interest in developing more gambling diversion systems

13:43 – How industry operators can support the program’s initiatives

15:50 – Why prison just doesn’t compare

16:50 – The end of the stigma around problem gambling addiction

17:50 – Hope for the future 


Learn more about episode guest Dayvid Figler via his website. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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