Insights from Bill Miller at G2E Asia: The Evolving Landscape of Responsible Gaming and Industry Developments

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At G2E Asia, Bill Miller, CEO and President of the American Gaming Association (AGA), shared his perspectives on the gaming industry’s future. Bill’s insights encompass responsible gaming, technological advancements, and the dynamic changes within the industry, providing a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Navigating Industry Challenges

Bill reflected on his transition from the Business Roundtable to the gaming industry, highlighting his new role’s unique pressures and responsibilities. “This is my first CEO job,” Bill stated. “I had senior positions in other organizations, but it was my job to help lead the industry through the pandemic.”

His tenure began with the onset of COVID-19, which presented unprecedented challenges. Despite the difficulties, Bill emphasized the importance of mental and physical health. “Mental health is incredibly important,” he noted. “I work very much on trying to make sure that there’s balance and try and manage stress levels.”

“Mental health is incredibly important. I work very much on trying to make sure there’s balance, creating both mental and physical equilibrium to manage stress levels in a high-pressure environment.”

Economic Impact and Community Transformation

Bill’s discussion focused on the gaming industry’s economic impact. He recounted the historical skepticism towards casinos and how perceptions have shifted. “When they came, they came with jobs, high taxes, and economic reinvestment in communities that had been dormant for decades,” Bill said.

He illustrated this transformation with a granular example: “The fire department wanted new trucks for so long, and it wasn’t until gaming arrived that they got what they’ve wanted for years.” This ripple effect of economic benefits extends beyond the casinos, fostering broader community development.

“When casinos come to a community, they bring jobs and economic reinvestment, revitalizing areas that had been economically stagnant for decades.”

The Rise of Responsible Gaming

Bill highlighted the strides made in promoting responsible gaming. “Responsibility in the gaming space and responsible actions by licensed people is core to the industry,” he emphasized. The AGA’s commitment to responsible gaming is evident through various initiatives and educational efforts. “We want to ensure a strong responsibility message in operating our businesses.”

“Responsibility in gaming and by the actions of licensed Operators are core to a sustainable industry. Our best interest lies in creating a long-term, responsible industry.”

Technological Advancements and AI

Looking towards the future, Bill discussed the role of technology and AI in the gaming industry. “AI can create the opportunity to understand better where people might have problem gambling tendencies and cut those off at the pass,” he explained. The ability to process large data sets and identify patterns can help the industry maintain a healthy customer relationship. “At the end of the day, people should look at this like any other entertainment.”

“AI can revolutionize our understanding of problem gambling by analyzing large data sets to identify and address concerning behaviors before they escalate, ensuring a healthier relationship between operators and their customers.”

Trends in Asia: Osaka and Dubai

Bill also touched on the exciting developments in the Asian gaming markets, particularly in Osaka and Dubai. “There are shovels in the ground in Osaka,” he shared. “When that project is finished in 2030, it will be the iconic signature of that city in the same way the Sydney Opera House is for Sydney.”

In the Middle East, Dubai is witnessing significant investments in gaming properties. “The UAE is building an incredible property in Ras Al Khaimah, which is probably an hour and 20 minutes outside of Dubai,” Bill noted. “These governments recognize the benefits where they used to see only the negative.”

These developments signal a shift in the global perception of the gaming industry, as once-resistant countries are now embracing the economic and social benefits that gaming can bring.

“There are shovels in the ground in Osaka. When that project is finished in 2030, it will be the iconic signature of that city, much like the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The UAE is also embracing the gaming industry with new developments, recognizing the broader benefits beyond just gaming.”

Bill’s insights at G2E Asia underscore the gaming industry’s transformative journey. From navigating the challenges of the pandemic to fostering economic development and embracing technological advancements, the industry is poised for significant growth and innovation. As Bill aptly summarized, “The industry is in a constant state of motion, always looking for the next thing.”


Bill Miller is the CEO and President of the American Gaming Association (AGA), bringing a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to the gaming industry. Before joining AGA, Bill served in senior positions in various organizations, including the Business Roundtable, where he worked with Fortune 500 CEOs. Under his leadership, the AGA has navigated significant challenges, including the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill strongly advocates responsible gaming, emphasizing the importance of mental health and balance in the industry. He is committed to leveraging technological advancements like AI to promote sustainability and consumer protection in gaming. Bill’s forward-thinking leadership continues to drive the AGA’s mission to support economic growth and innovation within the gaming industry in the United States and globally.

About the American Gaming Association

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is the premier national trade group representing the $261 billion U.S. casino industry. The AGA’s mission is to promote the interests of the gaming industry through advocacy, education, and public engagement, fostering a regulatory environment that supports innovation, integrity, and responsible gaming. The organization works tirelessly to highlight the economic and social benefits of gaming, advancing the role of the industry in economic development and community enrichment.

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