Exploring the Future of Integrated Resorts at G2E Asia

Exploring the Future of Integrated Resorts at G2E Asia nihar joshi

Philip Beere, host of the “No Line” podcast, will interview Nihar Joshi, Head of Agency Development at Pegasystems, at the upcoming G2E Asia Summit. The interview is scheduled for June 5th at the Venetian Macao and is expected to provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Integrated Resorts (IR) in Asia.

The demand for IRs has experienced notable growth, driven by strategic investments and governmental support. As an experienced professional in the digital media and Ad Tech industry, Nihar Joshi will address several critical areas during the interview:

1. Growth in Integrated Resorts: Joshi will discuss the substantial growth in the IR sector, highlighting the factors contributing to this trend and the role of local governments in supporting this development.

2. The Importance of 1:1 Personalization in Integrated Resorts: The interview will cover the significance of personalized experiences in the hospitality industry. Joshi will elaborate on how tailored services can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately increasing market share.

3. Technological Advancements in the Hospitality Industry: With his extensive background in technology and media, Joshi will provide insights into the technological innovations shaping the future of IRs. This includes integrating AI and GenAI applications, such as Pega’s Knowledge Buddy, to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement.

4. Strategic Investments and Market Capture: The discussion will also address the strategic investments being made by the hospitality industry to capture market share in a competitive environment. Joshi’s perspective on these investments will offer valuable insights for industry stakeholders.

This interview is set to be a highlight of the G2E Asia Summit, offering attendees an in-depth look at the intersection of technology, personalization, and strategic growth in the hospitality industry. Attendees can anticipate a comprehensive and informative session with Philip Beere and Nihar Joshi, exploring critical trends and developments in Integrated Resorts.

About Nihar Joshi

Nihar is a seasoned professional with over a decade of extensive experience in digital transformation and customer engagement. His career trajectory spans from Advertising to Media, while continually expanding his expertise in driving the adoption of Adtech, Martech, and core Platform Solutions across the APAC region.

With a profound understanding of the intersection between technology and business strategy, he has effectively collaborated with organizations of varying scales, offering a distinctive perspective in the constantly evolving landscape of technology & customer engagement. Having amassed over 16 years of invaluable experience at renowned companies such as Adobe, eBay, and Axiata, Nihar now spearheads the Go-To-Market (GTM) efforts for Pegasystems across the Growth Markets in Asia. He shares his insights on pivotal topics including digital strategy, customer experience and engagement, and the future of technology, consistently emphasizing the importance of adding tangible business value and logic to technological investments.

About G2E Asia

G2E Asia, or Global Gaming Expo Asia, is a premier annual event held in Macao. It is a key trade show and conference for the Asian gaming market, attracting industry professionals worldwide. G2E Asia features a vast exhibition floor, educational sessions, networking opportunities, and product launches, making it a must-attend event for anyone in the gaming industry.

About The No Line Podcast

“No Line” is a podcast hosted by Philip Beere dedicated to responsible gaming and industry news. The podcast features stories and interviews with leaders at the forefront of innovation and technology in the gaming industry, aiming to promote responsible gaming practices and awareness. Episodes are available on major platforms, including iTunes and LinkedIn, making them accessible to a broad audience​ (G2E Asia)​.

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