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Cait DeBaun is vice president, strategic communications and responsibility at the American Gaming Association (AGA). DeBaun leads the AGA’s responsibility efforts and integrated communications strategies to promote the social and economic value of the $261 billion gaming industry.

DeBaun currently oversees the AGA’s Have A Game Plan® PSA campaign, working with sports leagues and teams and sportsbook operators to educate consumers on responsible sports betting. DeBaun also plays a key role in the association’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, executing advocacy and industry communications strategies to support casino gaming’s ongoing recovery.

During this episode, the following topics are discussed:

  • CEO commitment to RGThe change: RGEW becoming RGEM
  • AGA’s Have A Game Plan® PSA campaign
  • The current landscape of RG: momentum, engagement, obstacles, resistance, etc.
  • For operators committed to RG, how is success measured?
  • For those wanting to get involved in RG, where can we send them?
  • Exciting plans for G2E
  • Distinguish between the terms: responsible gaming, responsible gambling, and problem gambling

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