A Nationwide Responsible Gaming Success Story from Japan with Keiji Kobara

“My inspiration for this system came from working at McDonald’s at the age of 18. I applied the simplicity and effectiveness of their system to responsible gaming, making it accessible and easy to follow for everyone.” Keiji Kobara

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“In the U.S, there are great studies and researchers, but people are doing different things in different districts. If people united and made one simple program available in every district, there could be a better situation for responsible gaming.”

“In Japan, about five years ago, there was no system and practically no hospitals or clinics to treat gambling disorder. I wanted to create a system to give treatment everywhere in Japan. Just having one great clinic isn’t enough, I wanted to make them more popular, more accessible.”

“We had to make our own program first, but disseminating and implementing it is another thing. So I made a training course for the treatment program, which has been authorized by the government.”

“I used a research grant from the government to train personnel from the 69 mental health welfare centers in Japan. They now have the ability to treat gambling disorder using the free treatment course I developed.”

“The treatment course I invented is now universally available in Japan, and individuals seeking help can locate their nearest mental health welfare center for treatment. This treatment is in-person, either individually or in groups.”

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