From NFL All-Pro to Venture Capitalist → Brian Westbrook from SeventySix Capital

Brian Westbrook made his mark in the NFL and is now at the forefront of sports-tech and innovation

Brian Westbrook is Investor at SeventySix Capital and a Member of the SeventySix Capital Athlete Venture Group. He played 9 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the third round of the 2002 NFL Draft after playing college football for Villanova University. He earned two Pro Bowl selections in 2004 and 2007.


In this episode, the following topics are discussed:

  • Sports technology and venture capital
  • VSiN and sports betting
  • E-sports
  • ShotTracker
  • NFL response to legal sports betting
  • Responsible gambling
  • Analytics and legalization of gambling
  • If you have a problem gambling seek help
  • TheSeventySix Capital selection process for startups
  • Life after professional football and business bootcamps
  • 90% of NFL players will most likely need to work after pro football
  • Today, athletes as business-people
  • Networking important for life after football
  • Longterm vision for sports betting as a business


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