theScore to Launch In-App Sports Betting → interview with CEO, John Levy


theScore is the most popular sports app in world, just behind ESPN

John is a media industry entrepreneur, growing his family’s small cable business into one of the 10 largest distributors in the country, before launching Sportscope in 1994, an alphanumeric TV channel delivering sports scores and stats 24/7. This evolved into theScore Television Network, a leader in authentic and interactive sports entertainment, providing sports news, highlights and live games.

By 2012 theScore was available in more than 6.6 million homes across Canada and, in October that year, John and his team structured and executed the sale of Score Media’s television assets to Rogers Media and the spin-out of Score Media’s digital assets to Score Media’s shareholders into a new entity – theScore, Inc. This allowed John and his team to focus 100% on growing theScore’s hugely popular mobile platforms, including its flagship app ‘theScore,’ one of the most popular sports apps in North America.


In this episode, the following topics are discussed:

  • John Levy’s father was in the cable business in the 1950’s
  • TSN — the ESPN of Canada
  • The ticker on the screen with the odds displayed
  • From TV to the mobile offering
  • Became 100% mobile and digital
  • People love sports — people love sports betting
  • Second most popular app in North America
  • 50% of The Score users bet on sports
  • Make betting easy and convenient inside The Score app
  • Launching in mid-2019, in front of the NFL season
  • The biggest challenge: staying true to the brand and allowing the user to have a good experience
  • Staying true to what has made The Score successful in the past
  • Listen to the user and let them tell you what they want — provide it in a seamless conference
  • The big differentiator is a culture of entrepreneurship being easy for the user


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