Professor Zeng Zhonglu to Discuss Responsible Gaming at G2E Asia

Professor Zeng Zhonglu, a prominent authority on responsible gaming, will be featured in an exclusive interview at the upcoming G2E Asia Summit. Philip Beere will interview for the “No Line” podcast, which will take place on June 4 at Booth A329. This session promises to deliver crucial insights into the evolving landscape of responsible gaming, with the conversation available on iTunes and LinkedIn for a wider audience.

As a leading researcher at the Macao Polytechnic University’s Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies, Professor Zeng has been instrumental in advancing the discourse on responsible gaming. His work is pivotal in shaping the policies and practices of gaming companies in Macau and beyond. One of his significant contributions is the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility Evaluation Model, which assesses how well gaming companies meet their social obligations based on stakeholder expectations. This model has provided a structured approach to evaluating the social impact of gaming enterprises.

During the interview, Professor Zeng will address several key topics:

1. Corporate Social Responsibility in Gaming: Professor Zeng will discuss the critical importance of corporate social responsibility in the gaming sector. His evaluation model offers a framework for assessing the effectiveness of these initiatives, ensuring that gaming companies contribute positively to society.

2. Challenges in Implementing Responsible Gaming Practices: The conversation will explore the practical challenges of enforcing new gaming regulations in Macau. Professor Zeng will highlight issues such as the widespread use of betting credit in the VIP segment, which has been identified as a significant source of problematic gaming. His insights will provide a deeper understanding of regulatory adjustments to promote healthier gaming practices.

3. Economic Diversification and Innovation: Professor Zeng’s research also emphasizes the need for Macau to diversify its economy and encourage entrepreneurship. He advocates for reducing reliance on government funding and fostering business innovation, which is essential for the sustainable growth of the region’s gaming industry.

The G2E Asia Summit, scheduled from June 4-6 at the Venetian Macao, is a premier event that brings together industry professionals from around the globe. This year’s summit will feature a range of discussions on the latest trends and developments in the gaming industry, with Professor Zeng’s interview being a highlight.

Attendees and listeners can look forward to comprehensively exploring responsible gaming practices and their future trajectories. For more information on the G2E Asia Summit and the interview schedule, visit G2E Asia.

About Professor Zeng Zhonglu

Professor Zeng Zhonglu is a distinguished scholar at the Macao Polytechnic University’s Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies. His extensive research in responsible gaming has significantly influenced the policies and practices of gaming companies in Macau. He is also the Chairman of the Asia Pacific Association for Gambling Studies, where he continues to contribute to the field through his academic and professional endeavors​ (Macau Business)​​ (澳門特別行政區政府入口網站)​.

About G2E Asia

G2E Asia is the premier event for the gaming entertainment industry in Asia. Held annually at the Venetian Macao, the summit gathers industry professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends and developments in the gaming sector. This year’s event, taking place from June 4-6, will feature a range of sessions and exhibitions focused on innovation, technology, and responsible gaming​ (G2E Asia)​.

About The No Line Podcast

“No Line” is a podcast hosted by Philip Beere dedicated to responsible gaming and industry news. The podcast features stories and interviews with leaders at the forefront of innovation and technology in the gaming industry, aiming to promote responsible gaming practices and awareness. Episodes are available on major platforms, including iTunes and LinkedIn, making them accessible to a broad audience​ (G2E Asia)​.

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