Philip Beere

Philip Beere, M.B.A.

Storyteller Writer Digital Creator


Philip Beere, M.B.A. and LEED AP, began his career focusing on sustainable housing. In 2007, he developed the nation’s first LEED-certified existing home in Phoenix, Arizona. After the housing crash, he refined this model into a more affordable and scalable template, creating G HOME, Arizona’s leading brand for existing green homes. He was recognized on NPR, Bloomberg, Fox News, the DOE, the CBS Evening News, and the State of Arizona for pioneering green building for existing homes.

Transitioning to the gaming industry in 2019, Beere applied his expertise in storytelling and marketing at Sightline Payments, managing B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and strategy, including digital media, brand awareness, and event production.

His signature projects included the Play+ Media Booth and March Madness promotional events.

Upon exiting Sightline, Beere now spearheads the creative team at &MARKETING, and is Chief Creative Officer at Gaming Analytics, the industry’s leading platform for A.I. He is also co-founder of RFAMD, a medical platform for patients and doctors.