Salesforce → Henk Campher: Sustainability Indexes vs. Company Purpose

Henk Campher

Challenge conventional thinking – with 20 years of global experience, Henk is known as a disruptive and creative expert in the communications, brand, social impact and sustainability space. He’s had the pleasure of working on some of the coolest award-winning corporate campaigns and developing strategic solutions with companies such Starbucks, Levi’s, Best Buy, Timberland, Tiffany’s, REI, Abbott Labs, Samsung, Kellogg’s, The North Face, SC Johnson, J&J, Unilever and Nestlé. 

He has been bridging the world of nerds (social impact, purpose & sustainability experts) and flirts (brand & communication whizzes) thanks to being part of team Fenton, leading social impact and purpose work at Allison + Partners and Edelman, his time in the UK as an Oxfam campaigner, and his South African roots as an African development worker, trade unionist and creator of the Nelson Mandela initiated Proudly South African campaign. 

He was named as one of the Top 30 CSR Pros to Follow in 2015 by Triple Pundit, Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior (he is now a judge for the award) and The Guardian’s Top 15 Sustainable Business Executives on Twitter. 

Henk is a regular writer for the Huffington Post, Triple Pundit and CSRWire, a frequent speaker at conferences, and a Twitter junkie: @AngryAfrican. He is a member of Team Net Impact for Super Bowl 50. His Dō Sustainability book Creating a Sustainable Brand: A Guide to Growing the Sustainability Top Line was published in April 2014.

In this episode, the following topics are discussed:

  • Product impact vs. CSR — the crossroads
  • Supply chain measured, but overlooking the impact of the product itself
  • Three product buckets: makes the world better, makes world worse, or blah bucket
  • Most products are not essential
  • Ranking is overlooking impact
  • The right measurement tools
  • Measurement has made us oblivious to how consumers react to products — creative and instinct
  • A challenge to corporations is embracing human nature
  • Why is Disney ranked 100, and a cigarette company ranked 6?
  • The important of honesty, or speaking about the white elephant in the room
  • Methodology problem about indexes
  • The vision of sustainability at SalesForce — at the heart is reinvention
  • The launch of philanthropy cloud — helping employees contribute  to the causes
  • Equality related to gender pay
  • Attention on Inequality
  • Best place to work — as a B2B company
  • You can’t have innovation if people don’t love working for a company


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