Working Remotely in Osaka, Japan: High Scores for Creativity and Quality of Life

working remote from osaka

Once known for being one of the world’s most expensive cities – Osaka, Japan, is now affordable due to a weak yen.

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With a weak yen, it means greater affordability, and no better time to work remotely from Osaka than now! Read more at:


  • 00:37 Osaka Train Station
  • 01:34 Exchange rate and affordability
  • 02:41 Transportation and bicycle friendly
  • 03:10 Walkability
  • 03:40 Trains and metro
  • 04:49 Green space and parks
  • 05:30 Arts & Culture
  • 06:20 Live entertainment and sporting events
  • 07:10 Coffee and co-work
  • 08:20 Safety
  • 08:50 Healthcare
  • 09:40 Food and cuisine
  • 11:20 Air quality
  • 12:45 Quality of life
  • 13:04 Osaka’s remote work score

Osaka, Japan is an excellent city for remote workers, offering a high quality of life, a vibrant creative energy, and a variety of amenities. Located in the Kansai region of Japan, Osaka is about a 20-minute train ride from Kobe, and is home to about 19 million people.

One of the standout features of Osaka is its affordability, especially for those using U.S. dollars. With a favorable exchange rate, $100 USD gets you almost 15,000 Yen, making everything in Osaka about 35% cheaper than it was just three years ago. This makes Osaka an affordable city to live and work in, scoring an 8 out of 10 for cost of living.

Osaka also scores highly in terms of transportation, with a bike-friendly city scoring a perfect 10. Everywhere you look, you’ll see people riding bikes, from old to young, mothers with babies, delivery men, and businessmen. Osaka is also pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to get around on foot and enjoy the city.

In terms of healthcare, Osaka has a number of hospitals and clinics available, and ranks highly in terms of quality of life. The city has a vibrant creative energy, with a mix of traditional and modern influences, and offers a variety of entertainment and cultural options.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider when working remotely in Osaka. One of the main drawbacks is the language barrier, as many people in Osaka do not speak English. Additionally, the city can be quite crowded and busy, with a high population density. Finally, Osaka has a humid climate, which may not be ideal for everyone.

Despite these drawbacks, Osaka is still a great city to work remotely, offering a high quality of life, a vibrant creative energy, and a variety of amenities. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply want to experience the unique culture of Japan, Osaka has something to offer.

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